The Explore Norfolk Trails Initiative

The Explore Norfolk Trails initiative was created by a group of organizations with a common goal in mind: to create an interactive website profiling the multi-use trail systems in and through Norfolk County that informs viewers about Norfolk County’s natural and cultural heritage and encourages residents of, and visitors to Norfolk County to actively enjoy our natural capital, culture, and cultural heritage.

This group of organizations agreed on a number of decisions about the way in which this website should be laid out and set out together to create it. Trails data was collected from a number of organizations across Norfolk County, including GPS data, trail descriptions, and trail uses. This information was all entered into a trails database to create the maps and information that you see on this website today.

The trails in the area are ever changing and evolving and it is up to each organization involved in the initiative to ensure that their information and trail maps are up to date and accurate. The maps on the site are drawn as accurately as possible but due to the constraints of size and mapping technology, they should only be used for guidance and not solely relied upon for navigation purposes. 

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