The climate in Norfolk County is ideal for outdoor activities and tourism all four seasons of the year. 

Spring brings warmer weather, with some rain, and Norfolk County is an excellent place to go birding in the spring. Some of the more wilderness trails may be out of commission still due to excess moisture, but the majority of the rail trails and hiking trails will be ready for use early spring! Make sure you check out the local farm markets as they start to open their doors with early produce such as asparagus, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, strawberries and tomatoes!

Summer in Norfolk County brings with it heat and much less rain, though the occasional thunderstorm over Lake Erie can create quite the light show! Take advantage of all the area has to offer in the summer with a variety of activities. Although at times the heat and humidity can be a bit overwhelming, these hot periods only last a week or two and give you a great excuse to head to one of the many beaches in the area! Summer also brings the most variety of fresh produce including blueberries, broccoli, celery, cherries, corn, currants, garlic, peaches, peas, plums, raspberries, watermelon and zucchini.

The fall weather in Norfolk is absolutely perfect, cooling down slightly; you just want to stay outside day after day! The beautiful fall colours on the trails are extraordinary and ever-changing, making each time you visit a trail, a whole new experience. The fall is also another excellent birding season in the area as they begin their migration south for the winter.

Winter in this area can be one of two things; it can be sometime warm, hovering just below zero and only dipping into the negatives for short periods of time; or it can be very cold and snow snow snow! Either way, there are advantages; in the warmer years, trail users continue to use most trails year-round (with the exception of some that get too wet). In the colder years, new activities like snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing make the trails a new experience yet again. Don’t let the weather keep you inside all winter, get out there and use those trails!

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