2. The Demaiter Farm Reforestation of Marginal Farmland Project

The Demaiter Farm joined the ALUS program in 2011 with a project to reforest a marginal part of the farm’s land. The farm grows corn, soybeans, and rye. Trees were planted in 2011 to increase forest cover, including White Pine, Red Oak, Black Cherry, Shagbark Hickory, Bitternut Hickory, Choke Cherry, Red Maple, Trembling Aspen, and American Hazel. The reforestation project covers just under 8 acres, and provides diverse environmental benefits by complementing the existing surrounding woodlots, which act as a habitat corridor for bird and mammal species. The project also provides early successional habitat for a variety of bird and mammal species.


Coordinates to view Reforestation Project: 42⁰44’41.215”N 80⁰18’44.075”W

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Denika Piggott
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