8. The Smith Farm Tallgrass Prairie Project

Tallgrass prairie with forbs on Smith farm

The Smith farm – a Christmas tree, corn, and soybean operation – joined the ALUS program in 2009 and implemented a 12.5 acre tallgrass prairie with forbs on dry and marginal field. The prairie was planted with Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Indian Grass, and the forb mix included: Round-headed Bushclover, Showy Tick-trefoil, Panicled Tick-trefoil, Sweet Ox-eye, Hoary Vervain, Brown-eyed Susan, Virginia Mountain Mint, New Jersey Tea, Evening Primrose, Hairy Beard-tongue, Foxglove Beard-tongue, Butterfly Weed, Wild Bergamot, Early Goldenrod, Grey Goldenrod, Sky Blue Aster, and Flat-topped Aster. In 2011, the prairie project was expanded another acre to cover 13.6 acres.

Restored tallgrass prairie ecosystems will support a variety of species including many listed as endangered. This large acreage of tallgrass prairie on the Smith Farm contributes to a larger forest fragment.  Additionally, tallgrass species offer excellent wind erosion control, cover for wildlife and soil stabilization. Prairie will also create open habitat for ground nesting bird species on the decline.


Coordinates to view tallgrass prairie project: 42⁰46’55.485”N 80⁰24’50.543”W

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Denika Piggott
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