4. The Van Gronigen Farm Reforestation & Wetland Creation Projects

Construction of wetland on Van Gronigen farm.

The above photo illustrates the construction of the wetland impoundment in fall of 2009. The photo just below and on the right shows the same wetland impoundment on April 4, 2013.

The Van Groningen family raises beef cattle, which they have sold at their family store, V G Meats, since 1970. In 2009, the Van Groningen farm joined the ALUS program and implemented two projects – reforestation and wetland creation.

The reforestation project increases forest cover on the farm and repurposes marginal farmland, adding to the existing woodlot, and serving to sequester carbon and purify air, in addition to stabilizing a steep slope. The reforestation site covers a little over 2 acres and provides early successional habitat to a variety of bird and mammal species. Tree species planted on this site include White Pine, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Silver Maple, and Trembling Aspen.

The wetland creation project was implemented on cattle pasture on the farm in 2009. This project covers an area of just under 1 acre. Wetlands are critically important ecosystems, contributing services such as groundwater recharge, flood attenuation, water filtration, and habitat for many invertebrate, amphibian, reptile and bird species. Wetlands are also necessary for breeding and development of amphibian and invertebrate species such as the nationally threatened Jefferson’s salamander.


Coordinates to view Reforestation Project: 42⁰49’23.152”N 80⁰12’57.023”W
Coordinates to view Wetland Creation Project: 42⁰49’12.502”N 80⁰12’20.833”W

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