Local Wine, Beer & Spirits

Welcome to Ontario’s South Coast, our warm hospitality and our wine!

Looking across the pond at Burning Kiln Winery.

Our vineyards and wineries are located in the glacial sand plain deposits from the last ice age. Our wine heritage reaches way back to the first European explorers, French Missionaries Dollier and Galinee!

In 1669, Dollier and Galinee travelled along the Lake Erie shoreline and arrived in Port Dover where they established their winter camp and discovered the local grapes. They made wine that was described “as good as vin de Grave”.

Today, our vineyards boast of hybrids and vinifera grapes. So Come South and discover for yourself what Dollier and Galinee found – “there is assuredly no more beautiful region in Canada”.

We have combined our efforts and resources to assist members committed to advance growth and promote a distinctive wine industry in Ontario’s South Coast region.


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