Dover Enterprises

Producers of SilverLake Vodka. Quadruple–distilled Canadian crafted vodka, for an exceptionally cool, crisp taste.

A bottle of Silver Lake Vodka in front of a waterfall.

In 2004, Dover Enterprises Distilleries was established in Simcoe, Ontario with the intent of distilling and selling fine spirits manufactured locally, with local ingredients, for a wholesome, Canadian experience.

In August 2005, Dover began producing sake using authentic Japanese methods and ingredients for making pure-rice sake. This led to the production of shochu (pronounced: soju), a rice spirit distilled from sake. Both the sake and shochu were of superb quality, and this was attributed to the lubricous effect of the Norfolk County aquifer water used to make these libations. In 2010, Dover further distilled and purified the shochu into premium vodka-grade ethanol and thus was born Silver Lake Premium Vodka (SLPV). The magical contribution of the Norfolk County aquifer water even pervaded through to the vodka so it had this same superb quality. Dover then made further refinements and advancements to the production of SLPV and began selling it in Norfolk and Haldimand Counties, the Niagara Peninsula and the Golden Horseshoe area. And as of March 1st 2012, SLPV was finally available in the LCBO stores
throughout Ontario.

Initially, all distilling, production and sales were conducted at Dover’s 280 square-metre (3,000 sq. ft.) facility located in Simcoe, Ontario. The facility and its equipment had the capacity to produce 5,000 to a maximum of 10,000 750mL bottles of SLPV per week. As demand increased, it became necessary to move to a premises with space for equipment and supplies to produce up to 100,000 bottles per week, while still remaining in Norfolk County with access to the Norfolk County aquifer. Dover then moved to a 1,850 square-metre (20,000 sq. ft.) facility in Delhi, Ontario.


1015 McDowell Road East, Simcoe, ON

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