Norfolk’s trails are located throughout the County. Networks of trails begin in Simcoe, the county’s largest urban centre; and Turkey Point, which is a bit off the beaten track. Check out our trail maps section for more information on where each trail is located!

Norfolk County is located on the north shores of Lake Erie and extends inland bout 60km from Long Point into Delhi, and from Port Dover into Wilsonville. The boundaries also extend almost to Tillsonburg in the northwest and Nanticoke in the southeast.

This area was once covered in a large glacier which receded only about 12,000 years ago. This glacier was so large and heavy that it took over 6,000 years for the land to rebound and form the watersheds and catchment areas that we see today.

Norfolk County is located within the Carolinian forest zone. There is very little remaining of this forest zone in southern Ontario, as much deforestation has taken place over the years. The area Norfolk County is located in, along with the Windsor/Point Pelee area, holds some of the last patches in Canada of this forest zone. 




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