Long Point Eco-Adventures & Burning Kiln Winery

Long Point Eco-Adventures houses the trailhead for the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club. There are currently over 50km of single track trails that have developed in the Turkey Point area.

Mountain bikers on the bridge at Long Point Eco-Adventures

For more information about the mountain bike trails, and to view the current trail map, please visit the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club's website.

The trails that start on Long Point Eco-Adventure's property include the Winery Road and Roller Coaster; these trails connect with over 50km of single track in the Turkey Point area.

Winery Road
Rating: Beginner
Length: 0.6km
Surface: Hard-packed gravel
This flat and windy trail is a great beginner trail. It starts at Long Point Eco-Adventures and takes you across their property and over to Burning Kiln Winery. There it connects with the Burning Kiln Winery Trail that takes you around the edge of the vineyard.

Roller Coaster
Rating: Advanced
Length: 1km
Surface: Hard packed dirt and clay
Hazards: Surface is very slippery when wet
This advanced trail starts at Long Point Eco-Adventures near the bike wash station. It has many short steep hills and corners with high berms. This is a fun, fast, technical trail with lots of up and downs – it really rides just like a roller coaster! This is one of the more difficult trails on the west side so if you’re a beginner, take Pettifogger instead. If you are up for a challenge, and enjoy a fast ride, you will love this trail! 


These trails are open in the spring as soon as they dry out and remain open until the first snowfall in the winter.


From Simcoe, head south on Highway 24. Turn left on Turkey Point Road and then right onto Front Road. Turn left into Long Point Eco-Adventures at 1730 Front Road.

Points of Interest: 

Check out the amazing lookout platform over the Turkey Point Marsh. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Pennsylvania.


1730 Front Road, Turkey Point, ON

Contact Name: 
Adam Van Paassen

These trails are for beginner and intermediate riders.

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