Running Safety

It is important to know your route and your limits when heading out on a run.

  • Choose your route or trail wisely. You will need to consider both the difficulty of the terrain, and the length of the route you are using as these will both impact your endurance and how the run goes for you.
  • Wear the right gear. You should choose your shoes based on the route you have chosen. If you are running on the road, make sure you are wearing a shoe with the right amount of support for your feet, whether it be a minimalist shoe or a stabilizing shoe. When running on trails, make sure you choose a sho with a little more support as injuries are more likely to happen when there are objects that you can trip over. Try to dress in synthetic fabric running clothes that allow for breathability and always make sure you are properly dressed for the weather. Make sure you are visible if you are running at night or the hours around dusk/dawn. Where high-visibility clothing, and limit the amount of black you are wearing. 
  • Try and run with a buddy whenever possible. If this is not possible, make sure you tell someone where you are going and how long you plan to be gone in case something happens to you while you are out on your run.
  • If running on a trail, make sure you slow your pace down a bit, as trail running can be more difficult and you need to pay more attention to obstacles ahead such as trees, stumps and rocks.
  • Always have identification on you. Keep a piece of ID in a running belt, or pocket, or you may wish to purchase an identification bracelet to wear on your runs.
  • Make eye contact with drivers in their vehicles before you try and cross a road. Ensure that they see you and are aware of your intentions.
  • If running with an iPod or MP3 player, make sure the sound is not so loud that it drowns out all other noise, especially cars and others approaching you on trails.
  • Communicate with other runners and cyclists if you are on a trail or road and are wanting to pass them. It is courteous to do so, and ensures that you do not frighten them in the process.
  • Always trust your instincts, if a certain person or location makes you feel uncomfortable turn around and run in the opposite direction.
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