Norfolk Sunrise Trail

The Norfolk Sunrise Trail links together all rail trails in Norfolk County.

It is a short section of trail (just 3.8km) from Victoria Street in Simcoe to the 14th Concession on the north side of Simcoe. This trail takes two routes; one follows the old rail line straight past Simcoe Composite School, while the other takes a more indirect route through Clifton Park. Both routes get you to the bridge underpass on Highway 3, where you’ll go under the bridge and up a hill on the other side. The bridge is not very wide, so be aware of other traffic on the bridge that may be coming towards you. Once you go past the Lion’s Ball Park, you will come to the 14th Concession where the trail connects with the Waterford Heritage Trail. This trail supports a variety of activities including hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing.


This trail is open year-round.


The main access point for this trail is off of Davis Street East behind Rona. There is a parking lot at the Lions Ball Park, directly adjacent to the trail.

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